Tired of Low Returns and High Slippage?

Discover Dextr: Maximize your earnings and minimize risk with Dextr's unique reputation-based AMM- take charge of your crypto journey today!

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Embark on a journey of secure, efficient, and effortless trading!

Experience ultra-fast, low-cost, bridge-less trades with minimal price impact on our hybrid Omni-Chain DEX. Secure your assets with personalized security policies. Leverage your reputation for increased yields, protocol rewards, exclusive privileges, and greater influence in governance.

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Degen Mode

Perfect for beginners with easy swaps and a user-friendly interface, minimal price impact and reduced slippage. Option to follow experienced traders via copy trading.

Pro Mode

Designed for experienced traders familiar with order books, algorithmic trading bots, spending limits, and multi-signatures.

Premium Customization

Flexible configurations with MEV blockers, liquid staking protocols, and external DEXs for an elevated user experience!

Experience the Dextr Difference

Step into the Extraordinary: Unleash unrivaled benefits with Dextr. Immerse yourself in a captivating trading experience where robust security, cutting-edge tools, and great user experience converge, offering a pathway to the world's most user-centric exchange.

Secure Ownership Today and Tomorrow!

Leverage the advantages of sophisticated security features such as social recovery, inheritance planning, multi-factor authentication, and innovative utilization of threshold signature schemes by Dextr.

Secure Ownership Today and Tomorrow!

Bringing Capital Efficiency to DEXs!

Diversify your earnings through Dextr's RAMM. Multiple tokens in your liquidity positions mean more potential pairs and higher fee rewards than traditional single-pair pools, enhancing capital efficiency in DEXs.

Bringing Capital Efficiency to DEXs!

CEX Convenience Meets DEX Confidence!

Discover CEX-like efficiency with DEX trust. Enjoy a user-friendly experience with smart wallet management, token agnostic fees, bridgeless trading and cross-chain interoperability.

CEX Convenience Meets DEX Confidence!

Empowerment Through Contribution!

Engage in weighted decision-making processes with REP Scores influencing voting rights, LP ranking, and various other platform privileges, thereby ensuring an inclusive and fair governance system on Dextr.

Empowerment Through Contribution!


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Dextr is a hybrid DEX featuring on-chain order books, reputation-based AMM, and seamless cross-chain interoperability.

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